Reef Flip Flops

The Reef brand has always been popular on and you only have to look at the latest 2022 collection to see why. Reef offer some of the best quality Flip Flops on the market and whichever pair you choose they should give you many years of reliable service!

About Reef

The Reef clothing and footwear brand was founded back in the 1980s by two brothers, Fernando and Santiago Auguerre. They decided to set up the brand we know today to support their love of all things outdoors and active lifestyles. The success of the business all began from the first small surf shop they opened in Argentina and this soon become popular with surfers.

Fast forward to 2022 and reef has become one of the largest and best known brands when it comes to buying flip flops and all other outdoor clothing items.

Reef fanning

8 Colours available

Reef Gypsylove

2 Colours available