Coddies Fish Flip Flops

Coddies Fish Flip Flops

Coddies Fish Flops are a new catch in the footwear industry. The company and design was created to take the everyday away from the same old boring designs on the market. This is the end result and you can choose from 5 awesome colours to suit your taste.

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Why choose Coddies?

Great looks are only the start of the many reasons. We just hope we can write this without including too many fish related puns!

They feel amazing
Slip on a pair of Coddies and you will get what we mean. They are made from a super strong elastic and feel so soft on your feet. You also don’t have a toe post either which many will find an added bonus.

So many uses
Coddies have that great advantage over other flip flops because they can be used for many different activities. Great for around the home, town or work. They are also great for wet environments too such as showers thanks to the epic non slip grip performance.

Great for use in the gym shower too. Imagine the looks you will get when getting changed.

Perfect for all the family
Coddies flip flops are available to buy in all the major sizes. So you can create your very own school of fish!

Great reviews from customers
At the time of writing, Coddies have had over 100 verified reviews on Amazon and from this have gained almost a 5 star rating.

Press coverage
Coddies has been in the press recently for all the right reasons. To name just two, YouTube star Joe Sugg has been seen wearing Coddies as has Mrs LadBaby after all her other shoes went missing!

Check out this hilarious video below of Roxanne wearing hers!