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Published: 05 July 2017

Around the world, some locations have different names for the footwear that we call Flip Flops. After some research by the team here in the FlipFlops.co.uk office, we have a list to show you!

Flip Flops
This is what we here in the UK and many other places around the globe call them. Some might same the correct name!

Our friends down under in Australia call Flip Flops Thongs. In the UK a thong is an item of underwear!

In New Zealand you will find many people calling them jandals. Sort of sounds like sandals, so easy to understand this one!

In South Africa this is the name given to Flip Flops. To be honest a name like slopes sounds quite comfy if we are honest!

In Asia this is what you need to ask for if you want a pair of Flip Flops. In the UK we wear slippers in the winter months when it’s freezing cold!

We’re sure many more names exist too. If or when we spot these we will update this post. We hope you have found this blog update handy.

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