Reef Fanning Flip Flops

Reef Flip Flops

Unlike other brands who only sell a style of flip flops for one season, the Reef Fanning flip flops continue to keep coming back for more! Why is this you might be wondering? the answer is simple. Reef have made the perfect per of flip flops and it’s one of the best sellers, ever.

Reef Fanning Flip Flops

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Our review and opinions!

Why should you buy a pair
Great looks, amazing build quality. But most importantly is the fact that a beer bottle opener is located on the underneath of the sole!

Why are they so popular?
First of all the design and styling is spot on. Every now and again Reef make the smallest design tweaks just to keep the look fresh.

Quality from start to finish
I’ve personally owned a pair of Reef Fanning Flip Flops (in black) for around 6 years now. They are used all summer here in the UK, go abroad with myself twice a year and I even wear them around the house like slippers!

Years later they still look great and have not started to show signs of needing to be replaced. They have even been in the sea a few times too!

Lets talk about money!
We can’t say that the Reef fanning flip flops are the cheapest pair of flips on the market. However, if you look at the long term, they work out to be great value due to the fact you will have them for many years to come.

Colour/sizes and everything else!
Reef have always made sure that when they design a pair of flip flops they sell them in all the top sizes along with a great choice of colours. This includes the fanning range, so you can choose a pair of flip flops to suit.

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