Birkenstock Flip Flops

Birkenstock are premium flip flops / sandals which are designed for both male and female wearers. The 2021 collection is available right now and as always we have the entire range for you to browse below.

About Birkenstock Flip Flops

We asked a number of Birkenstock customers to sum up the brand in one word and they all said quality! This to be honest comes as no surprise as you only have to look at how these flip flops and sandals are constructed.

Made from the finest leather, Birkenstocks will not only last miles longer, but they look great and the comfort is some of the best ever.

The Birkenstock brand was formed way back in 1774! So you could say they are one of the oldest shoe brands in the world, which means they have had time to keep on improving what they do best.

Each and every pair of Birkenstock flip flops and sandals featured here come with free delivery included in the price you see.