Flip Flop Quotes

We love quotes! So we decided to share some of the best flip flops related quotes that are currently doing the rounds on the internet. Please feel free to share them and spread the flip flop love!

All you need is love and flip flops
How very true indeed!

Anything worth doing is worth doing in flip flops
Some of the best words we have ever seen printed on the internet!

Around here Everyday is a flip flop day
This describes the flipflops.co.uk office in 9 simple words!

Beach rules
Follow these simple rules to get the most from the beach!

Today’s Forecast: Bright and Sunny with a chance of flip flops
The best and only type of weather we like for hitting the beach!

Cheers to beach hair, tan skin, flip flops and sandy toes
Sounds like the makings of a perfect day to us.

Click your flip flops three times…
There’s no place like the beach.

Dear Winter
Don’t make me slap you with my flip flop.
Sincerely, Beach Bum

Don’t make me slap you with my flip flop
The perfect quote to show someone when they become annoying!

Don’t worry, Be Happy
Head to the beach, take your much loved flip flops and forget everything else!

Flip Flop Junkie
This sign best describes us! We love flip Flops and own many pairs!

Flip Flop Queen
This would make a great car sticker for fans of Flip Flops!

Relax… Unwind…
Get in a flip flop state of mind

Flip Flop Till You Drop
Yep! Sounds like a plan we would like to be a part of!

Flip Flops are mythic devices
That have the ability to transport both body and mind to a comfortable, casual, calm state of being!

Flip Flops Fact
They don’t count when he says you have too many shoes.

Bright and sunny with a chance of flip flops and a sprinkling of margaritas.

Summer Rules
A list of rules you must follow this summer. Please pay close attention to the last rule. Flip Flops Mandatory. Always!

Flip Flops That’s How I Roll
Stand up, be proud and tell others that you like to wear your flip flops!

Give a girl the right shoes
and she can conquer the world. Marilyn Monroe.

Happiness is…
Flip Floppin down to the beach.

Happy Friday Everyone!
Or as we like to call it over on Twitter. #FlipFlopFriday!

Home is where you park your flip flops
Looks like the beach is our home then!

I Love Heart Flip Flops
You share the same obsession as us then. Welcome to the club!

I trade my boots for flip flops in a heartbeat
Sounds like a plan to us! Our site has 100s to choose from! #plug

I wasn’t made for winter, I want my flip flops
The only way we could tolerate winter would be to move abroad to a nice hot country with sunshine daily.

I wear flip flops in winter
Guess what? So do we. They are the cool version of slippers!

If Dorothy
Can click here heels together and get to Kansas they why can’t I click my flip flops together and get to the beach? #ValidPoint

If I can’t wear my flip flops…. I’m not going
And if you don’t believe me, try me! I will fight it all the way!

If My Flip Flops…
Come home without me… Send money for the Bar Tab!

If your feet are tired and sore grab a pair and dance some more.
What a nice and catchy little flip flop quote!

I’m a Flip Flop Kinda Girl Living in a Flip Flop kinda world
This really does sound like it belongs to the lyrics of a song. A song about flip flops? We like the sound of that!

I’m a flip flop
Wearing barbeque eatin’ sweet tea drinking kind of girl

I’m ready for flip flops,
Warmer weather, sunshine, blooming flowers, birds singing, and green grass!

It’s a flip flop kind of day
Everyday should be like this. Sun, beach and flip flops.

It’s never too cold to wear flip flops!
We agree 100% #TheEnd

Keep Calm and Flip On
Follow this simple advice and we should get on just fine!

Keep calm and put your flip flops on
We have this hung in our office. It helps us get through the day when the boss is around. He tends to be around too much!

Keep calm and wear Flip Flops
when a situation gets tough, remember these smart words.

Keep calm Summer is coming
Honestly it is! We have paid for it in advance and are just waiting for delivery.

Life is better in Flip Flops
It sure is buddy!

Life is better in Flip Flops
This is a sign. It is telling of great things!

Life is good in flip flops
In fact it’s excellent!

Life is like a walk in the sand
Sometimes you flip. Sometimes you flop.

Life is short wear your flip flops
Easy to put on and off, allows your feet to get tan.

Life ~ Keep it simple and wear flip flops
Follow this advice for an easier life

Livin’ my life in Flip Flops
This describes everything about us in a few short words!

May the beach be with you
Sadly this doesn’t happen as often as we would like!

Peace, Love & Flip Flops
These 3 things are all very important!

Please do not wear flip flops
If your feet look like you could swoop out of the sky and catch your dinner from a lake.

So many flip flops… So little time
How many pairs do you own?

Some of the best memories are made in flip flops
We can confirm that this statement is 100% true!

Sunshine and flip flops are my happy place
This sounds like our office everyday. Well apart from the sunshine bit. Well we do live and work in the UK after all!

They are flip flops
They are supposed to flip and flop. Quit shuffling and pick up your feet.

Unlike bathing suits flip flops fit every year
Even if your swimwear has shrunk again this year, your flip flops will still be ready to accept your feet!

Wear flip flops and pretend it’s summer
Sounds like a very good plan.

Work would be a happier place, if only I could wear my flip flops
Keep an eye out on our site for job vacancies because our office dress code allows you to wear flip flops at work!

You are flip flopping fabulous!
No, really you are. You also have great taste and this can be confirmed because you have chosen to visit flipflops.co.uk today!

You are the Flip to my Flop

You are the peanut to my butter
We love PB almost as much as we love flip flops! These words currently hang up proud in our office!

That’s all folks!

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