Havaianas Ipe Flip Flops

Havaianas Ipe Flip Flops Review

If you love both nature and wearing flip flops, the Havaianas Ipe are worth taking a closer look at. The entire sole of these flip flops are covered in a design that features either a toucan or dragonfly, both which live in the Amazonian rainforest.

Top reasons to choose these flip flops
Firstly they are Havaianas, for many this is reason enough! But for us, the top quality, 100% rubber construction is a winner. These flip flops will last for many years and the lightweight design means that you can wear them all day.

They are also available in all the major sizes, so almost everyone will find a pair that fits. The colours look amazing too!

Giving something back
When you buy a pair of Havaianas Ipe flip flops, 7% will be donated at no extra cost to help the conservation of Brazilian fauna and flora projects.

How much are they?
The Havaianas Ipe are very well priced at just £17.99. This includes free delivery too. This price is pretty good considering that you are getting a quality pair of flip flops from a top brand plus you know that they are going to last.