Green Grass Flip Flops

Nothing says hello summer more than kicking off your shoes and walking on the bare grass. Well what if you could do this all year round, whatever the weather? Well now you can and it’s all thanks to these grass flip flops!

Green Grass Flip Flops Review

Featuring a well made solid construction and just like that faux grass you can buy, these too need no maintenance in the form of cutting or watering! Along with looking pretty cool, these give the feeling of walking barefoot on real green grass, but without the danger of getting unwanted items stuck in your feet.

Both men and women can enjoy the Green Grass flip flops and a number of size options are available to choose from. The men’s version comes with a grey toe strap while the women’s version includes a flower for added style!

Now we know what they mean when they say the grass is greener on the other side. They are also good for the sole too.