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Gandys Flip Flops

Gandys Flip Flops

The Gandys Flip Flop brand is like no other. Set up by 2 brothers who were orphaned by the boxing day 2004 Tsunami, they decided that their tragic loss could now go on to help others. You can read the full story below and also check out the latest collection fresh for 2017.

Gandys Bohemian Mandela Print Flip Flops

Gandys Bohemian Mandela Print Flip Flops

Gandys Freedom Feather Prints Flip Flops

Gandys Freedom Feather Prints Flip Flops

Gandys Geometric Print Flip Flops

Gandys Geometric Print Flip Flops

Gandys Originals Flip Flops

Gandys Originals Flip Flops

Gandys Slim Line Metallics Flip Flops

Gandys Slim Line Metallics Flip Flops

Gandys Summer Aztec Print Flip Flops

Gandys Summer Aztec Print Flip Flops

Gandys Topaz Tri-Geo Print Flip Flops

Gandys Topaz Tri-Geo Print Flip Flops

Gandys Tribal Inspired Print Flip Flops

Gandys Tribal Inspired Print Flip Flops

Gandys Tropical Vintage Print Flip Flops

Gandys Tropical Vintage Print Flip Flops

Gandys X Rolling Stones Flip Flops

Gandys X Rolling Stones Flip Flops


The Gandys story in detail

In 2001 Rob and Paul’s parents decided to take the entire family on a trip of a lifetime. Sadly though Boxing day 2004 was the day everything changed forever. When the Tsunami hit, the brothers managed to climb to safety, however Kevin and Sandra (their parents) struggled against the mass of water and sadly passed away.

At the same time thousands of other people lost their lives and at this moment many children became orphans as a result.

The big idea
Rob and Paul could have just returned to the UK and tried to get on with things, but instead they decided they wanted to help and this is how the Gandys Flip Flops brand was born.

The idea was to sell flip flops online and for every pair sold they will give a percentage of the profits to charity. It goes further though because they are not just going to sign a cheque, but instead are the driving force to help others by building a new Orphanage.

2014 will mark the ten year anniversary of the Tsunami and the brothers are well on track to completing and opening the first home.

How you can help
Everytime you buy a pair of Gandys Flip Flops you are helping. Not only do they look great, but for each pair sold a percentage of each sale goes to the cause.